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Nighat Choudhry Kathak Dance Performance $ 40
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Film - "Behind the Veil" - 52 min English

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Film - "Behind the Veil"

This film is a challenge through which I examine my own identity and is a point of departure for my film for me to discover the Pakistan Women of today. Why should I come out of my Ac-ed room into the heat? I needed some understanding of why the suppressed woman seemed so content was it her up bringing her seemingly priviliged status her Islamic Doctrine or her sheltered up bringing or the symbol of security that a man represents?

It is my belief she is uniquely qualified to undertake such a film; by her technical training, her deep knowledge of Islamic socities and the position of women therein, especially in Pakistan, and her personal characteristics of aesthetic and moral energy and grace. Islamic socities in general, rich in a varied cultural, material and spiritual heritage and potential, are undergoing extremes or cross examination by forces of retraditionalization and secular reform alike, a condition mitigated in part and intensified considerably by their history of foreign domination and exploitation.

Nowhere is the internal condition of these socities so vividly shown as in the dogged attachement of both foorces to continued patriarchy and the secondary, subservient status of women. Ms. Elahi's film, with it's varied potraits of argument to Muslims and non-muslims alike against such continuance. The films powerful interview of the distinguished women's civilrights attorney, Ms. Asma Jehangir of Lahore, is reward enough for such a sensitive and devoted undertaking as hers and would be of great interest to women and men critical of entrenched patriachies in other socities.

Proffessor of Islamic History and Religion Boston University.
The oppression of Muslim women in the subcontinent is a result of feudal social attitudes and has nothing to do with Islam. Some of the laws in these countries are determined to women and need to be reviewed within the framework of the Muslim faith. Islam accomodates human weaknesses and needs. It aims to create a society based on natural instincts. It sanctions remarriage and divorce but encourages flagrant immorility and sex outside the fold of marriage. polygamy is a provision and not a compulsion.