Majmua is an alternative contemporary art gallery situated in Karachi, Pakistan displaying the work of many renowned artists of Pakistan. Majmua has to its credit a number of exhibitions and art-related activities.

The gallery also promotes crafts, ceramics, sculptures, gift items and home accessories.

Majmua is working with other NGO’s in the field of IT and media education in slums and rural areas of Pakistan. We also take trade delegations abroad and are working with the women chamber of commerce to develop, promote and re-encourage women entrepreneurs and SME’s in Pakistan. Majmua is also continuously involved with the conservation work on certain world heritage sites in Pakistan.

We advise interior decorators, corporate offices, banks and government offices on the aesthetic appeal of various artists’ work, with yearly international group exhibits abroad. We’ve held shows all over the world starting in 1995. Our recent shows include shows in London, UK in 2001, and Nairobi, Kenya in 2002, Singapore in 2000, Malaysia in 1999, Mozambique and Dubai in 1998, Nepal, Kashmir and Istanbul in 1996 and 1997. Our goal in selling art is not just about selling a piece of beautiful art work that is pleasing to the eye, but rather creating awareness in our younger generation about our heritage, culture and identity as a result of art.

Majmua prides itself in bringing artists from all art fields together. We need your support and encouragement to keep growing and spreading the message of art in our community. You can support us by becoming a member yourself or through sponsorship from your organization for our regular events and exhibitions throughout the year.